Graphic Design for n00bs

Let’s talk about what graphic design is.

Graphic design is the practice of planning, creating, and presenting content, such as written, visual, audio, and interface components, in a way that best achieves a given communication goal.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts definges graphic design as “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.”

Graphic design projects often begin with a brand, business, client, who presents a goal. The art director, and graphic designer then analyzes this project and comes up with a concept. Next, the graphic designer creates actual design elements like fonts, colors, and design elements. Next, the graphic designer assembles those elements into a visual presentation or interface. Finally, the graphic designer presents the final project to the client for approval.

Graphics form an important part of an organization’s identity. Design also influences the way organizations conduct business and helps make an organization’s message memorable.

Organizations communicate often. For example, a business might communicate to customers and prospective customers through advertisements. Organizations communicate regularly to their employees, as well.

Layout & Typography: In graphic design, typography and layout are important elements.

Typography: Typography refers to how words and text are laid out. Certain fonts or typefaces impart a certain tone or meaning. For example, serif fonts are commonly used for print materials, and sans-serif fonts are commonly used for websites. Serif fonts with fancy embellishments like swashes, curlicues, and tails can be used to convey a sense of formality or elegance. Sans-serif fonts with simple, straight edges are casual and easy to read.

Similarly, font size and type are important elements of typography. A larger font size is often used to denote importance or emphasis. Certain font styles, like italic, bold, or underlined, are often emphasized, as well.

“Graphic design takes graphical and textual elements and implements them into multiple types of media,” says graphic designer Alexander Clufetos.

There really is so much more to cover. Stick around for more information and lessons on graphic design.