Great Design Makes A Difference

There is a lot of conversation about Facebook Ads being the most undervalued & over-performing place for your ad budget. While we certainly agree, there is a variable that isn’t talked about as much it should be.


If your ad creative is poorly executed, your ad is not going to work. You can spend hours and hours on your targeting, developing your target audience, creating customer profiles, but your ad quite simply will fail if your creative is not well done.

Tasteful design. Unique and well balanced color palettes. Eye-catching motion graphics. Stunning video. All of these things will increase the performance of your ad exponentially.

When we move one step beyond the ad design we land in the category of web design. How does the design of your site stack up against your competitors? Are you using landing pages that have a similar look and feel to the ad creative itself? Repurposing some of the design elements or ad copy on the landing page is another oft-overlooked trick to drive your conversions up.

Need help achieving great design? Portland Design Company can help. Let’s talk.

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