Five Effective SEO Tactics for 2019

SEO Tactic # 1 – Optimize Your Existing Website Content
Instead of constantly pushing to create new content, you can make a lot of progress by taking stock of your current content, and dialing in the on page ranking factors for the existing content.

SEO Tactic # 2 – Audit & Edit URL Structure
Shorter & more concise URLs can improve your rankings and traffic. Things like dates, or long tail information don’t need to be in your URL’s.

SEO Tactic # 3 – Improve Page & Site Speed
Page speed has been an important ranking factor for a long time. If you’re struggling to know how to help your site load quickly you can check out Google PageSpeed Insights.

SEO Tactic # 4 – Focus On The User
When people are turning to Google they are usually looking to solve a problem. What problem are you solving with your product or service?

SEO Tactic # 5 – Long Tail
Four and five word search queries can still drive major traffic. Don’t forget to pay attention to the more specific queries in your industry. Often times these more in depth queries are going to convert at a higher rate than the more competitive terms.